TERMINAL ZÁRATE was the first private port created under the port law Nº 24.093 in Argentina.

Murchison y Cotia Trading are partners in this port complex, companies of long and well known history in port and logistics operations. 120 years of experience, tradition and commitment at service of every client in the port business.

It is our mission to be recognized as a multimodal and logistics center at the service of foreign trade. Its geographic location at the heart of the Argentinean industrial belt is a strategic advantage for the terminal. Additionally, the access free of traffic congestion and the railroad connection means lower costs and more security in transportation of cargo.

The complex has two specialized terminals:

The Vehicle Terminal which operates since June 1996, it is the first terminal in Latin America designed and dedicated to the vehicle business.

The Containers and Break Bulk Terminal which operates since November 2001, thought and built to provide an agile and efficient service in handling of containers and logistic services considering our clients’ needs.


Our staff is the essence in the activity TERMINAL ZÁRATE develops and is fundamental to everything we do.

The company evolves with our people and in many ways we think of TERMINAL ZÁRATE as a community. Ethical principles such as responsibility and respect for others held by this community help us to have the tools to drive the company to success and help our staff achieve full personal development.

Total area
Total Area Port Complex 2.180.000 m2
Port Area 1.450.000 m2
Vehicle distribution center 400.000 m2
Logistic and Intermodal Terminal 330.000 m2
Pier and waterfront
Waterfront 1.000 mts.
Berth 480 mts.
Positions for PCC/PCTC vessells 2
Natural draft at berth 35 feet (10,67 mts.)
Access and Security
Trucks waiting area 40.000 sqm
Railroad connection - trail 1,67 mts 4.000 mts of railroad
2.000 mts. Railroad for operations
2.000 mts. Railroad for maneuvers
CCTV to control operations and warehouses 150 cameras
Perimetral fences


Commitment to Quality and Continuous Improvement

Terminal Zárate Quality Management System has been certified according to the IRAM-ISO 9001:2015 standard.

In 2016 the company integrated the Quality Management Systems that until today were certified (Vehicles, Containers and General Cargo and Administration), under a single certificate and comprehensive scope for the whole company, under the new requirements of the 2015 version of the ISO 9001 standard.

The management of the company commits to:

  • Make the efficiency of the Quality Management System and Continuous Improvement the guiding principles of the company.
  • Consolidate the company market position, maintaining a close and supportive relationship with clients.
  • Establish clear objectives, commit and enhance the capacities of all personnel through their training on the impact of compliance with the strategic guidelines of the company and customer satisfaction.
  • Ensure the conformity of the processes according to the requirements of the stakeholders.
  • Increase the satisfaction of our customers and stakeholders on the basis of Continuous Improvement.
  • Maintain the Quality Management System updated in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015 and the applicable requirements evolution.


  • Vehicles business unit Quality Management System was first certified in 1999 by IRAM according to the ISO 9001:1994 standard´s requirements.
  • Containers and General Cargo business unit Quality Management system was first certified in 2006 by IRAM according to the ISO 9001:2000 standard´s requirements.
  • Administration Area Quality Management system was first certified in 2009 by IRAM according to the ISO 9001:2008 standard´s requirements.
  • In 2016 the company integrated the Quality Management Systems that until today were certified under a single certificate, comprehensive scope for the whole company and under the new requirements of the 2015 version of the ISO 9001 standard.
  • NORMA ISO 14001

    A commitment to the environment

    Terminal Zárate has reached the Certification of the ISO 14000:2015 regarding the Environmental Management Systems. This is a special subject for ports and the Directors Board takes great responsibility in the care of the environment.

    The terminal has developed a management system where environmental impact is being measured and improved and has decided to apply it to every operation from handling of cargo to any other support activities held within the company. In this way, not only we act according to the law but we can identify and control the environmental impact of the port activity by establishing objectives, goals and programmes based on the philosophy of continuous improvement.

    The Board of Directors compromises to:

    • Obbey the law.
    • Avoid or minimize emissions to environment.
    • Responsable waste management.
    • Rational energy use.
    • Establish environmental continous improvement programmes.
    • Evaluate environmental impact on new projects and investments.
    • Prevent and control environmental emergencies.
    • Educate personnel on good care of environment.
    • Evaluate environmental performance.
    • Preserve the environment of the Paraná de las Palmas river.


    International Ship and Port facility Security Code. The ISPS code is an international code to protect ships and port facilities promoted by the IMO (International Maritime Organization, a specialized agency of the United Nations). Since July 1st, 2004 the application is mandatory around the world.

    After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 against the USA the IMO dictated the ISPS Code as a comprehensive set of measures to enhance the security of ships and port facilities and prevent terrorist actions, other illicits and threats.

    • Port name: Zarate, Argentina
    • Status: Port Open
    • Port ID Number: 15520
    • UN Locator code: ARZAE
    • Port facility name: Terminal Zárate S.A
    • Assigned port facility number: 0015
    • Alternative name(s) for port facility (if applicable):
    • Description of port facility: Contenedores, Carga General, Roll on/Roll off
    • Latitude: 34º 03´ 58´´ S
    • Longitude: 059º 11´ W
    • Maritime security point of contact: opip@tz.com.ar / +54+3487 429120
    • Port facility has alternative arrangement (Y/N): No
    • Port facility has approved port facility security plan (PFSP): Yes
    • Approval date: 1-Jul-2004
    • Has this port facility plan (PFSP) been withdrawn: No
    • If port facility has been withdrawn Date of withdrawal:

    You can check other countries, authorities and port facilities that are under the ISPS Code on the IMO website.

    International Maritime Organization (IMO) website



    Best Performance - Quality



    General Motors
    Supplier of the year - Transportation Regional Award.



    Ford Argentina
    Best Supplier of the year.



    Ford Argentina
    Zero Damages distinction.



    General Motors
    Supplier of the year.
    International Award.