The Vehicle Division was designed following the highest international standards to function at the same time as a port and a multibrand distribution center.

Specialized in handling a wide range of vehicles, positions itself in an essential place in the automobile supply chain as an extension of car terminals regarding export and as a direct distribution center to car dealers regarding import.

The Vehicle Division has infrastructure to tend 2 PCC ships simultaneously. An area for vehicle storage next to the pier and 130 hectares of paved, fenced and illuminated yards.

Yards and pier have 24hs a day surveillance assisted by CCTV system with 150 cameras and control around the perimeter.

The Registration and tracking of vehicles is done through our own system, specially designed and adapted around the clock to satisfy our clients need.

Exclusive positions for PCC/PCTC vessels 2
Heavy Cargo operation space up to 2,5 Tn/m² (up to 96 Tn per unit) 1
Paved, fences and illuminated yards 1.530.000 sqm
Parking yards next to pier 1.300.000 sqm
Vehicle distribution center (off port yards) 230.000 sqm
Bonded areaswith double access control 340.000 sqm
Yards with hail protection 160.000 sqm
Yards total area (in and off port) 61.000 CEU
Bonded yards full capacity 17.000 CEU
Hail protected yards capacity 10.000 CEU
Pre Delivery Services
Center for pre delivery, repair, painting and other services 8.500 sqm
Semi-automatic car wash 500 sqm
End of line and expo prepair area 2.500 sqm
Repair shop and accesorizing area 2.000 sqm
Pre delivery services (PDI) premium area 3.500 sqm
Worklifts for under chassis work 5
Cabins and drying furnaces 2
Isolated area for body work 7
Paint mixing centers (color laboratory) 1
Receipt and Delivery of units
Trucks waiting area (off port) 40.000 sqm
Lines for delivery and receipt of units 93
Offices available at request (logistics operations and inspection companies) 15
Port area access (control gates and security cameras with license plate recognition)
Systems and Technology
VLT&T System, developed and designed by Trminal Zárate, for Registration and tracking of units.
Identification, monitring and tracking of units through bar codes and radio frequency.
Information available on line (EDI)
Satellite control of operations units.
Movement control 24/7, 150 cameras (CCTV)

Services to shipowners:

  • Use of dock
  • Mooring and unmooring
  • Vehicle handling and stowage on board
  • Logistics for loading cargo
  • Removal of units when asked
  • Transshipment
  • Handling of mafis
  • 24 hour long service

Service to cargo:

  • Receipt, control and movement of vehicles (YLC, Yard Logistics Charge)
  • Storage of units until its dispatch or load on ship
  • Removal of units when asked
  • Code bar labelling
  • Tracking of units and reports on the general conditions of the cargo
  • Selective dispatch
  • Assistance and maintenance of units on yard
  • Accesorizing
  • Storage of units under hail protected area
  • Special check ups when requested
  • Land transport

Special Services:

Pre-delivery service:
  • Washing and preparation of vehicles
  • Control of the units according to checklist provided by client
  • Accessorizing
  • Glass engraving

Preparation of units for export:
  • Film and wrap protection
  • En of line work

Quality repairs on 0km.
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EUKOR CAR CARRIERS INC. Agencia Marítima Robinson Far East Ports Silvia Amato
Sales Manager
Fernando Llobet
Operations Manager
Ph: (54 11) 5173 1000
Direct: (54 11) 5173 1033
Fax: (54 11) 5173 1074
GLOVIS GLS ARGENTINA Corea, China, Japon, India y Sud Africa más conexiones (importación)
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GRIMALDI Grimaldi Agencies Argentina S.A. Northern Europe, African West coast and Mercosur Fernando Gonzales
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WWO Agencia Maritima Robinson SACFEI East coast America with connections to West Coast of America, Europe and Far East via transhipment at Manzanillo (Panamá) Silvia Amato
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Ph: (54 11) 5173 1000
Direct: (54 11) 5173 1033
Fax: (54 11) 5173 1074

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Services for containers were the first developed for this Division. We have stand out for security and productivity in these operations, which allows having high predictability during those operations.

Our highly trained staff makes possible for us to offer a broad line of services related to containers such as: repairs, cleaning, energy supply, monitoring of refrigerated containers, stuffing and unstuffing of cargo and special equipment operations.

Our computer system, which gives the opportunity to work in real time and give precise information regarding operations to our clients, is one of the main tools for operations development and planning.

Pier 480 mts.
IMPSA Panama Quay Crane 1
Liebherr post panama crane 1
Liebherr 550 post panama crane 1
Liebherr 500 post panama crane 1
Annual Container capacity 270.000 TEUs year
Container yard 116.000 sqm
Empty container yard 95.000 sqm
Static yard capacity 19.000 TEUs
Reefer Station 736 plugs
Container repair shed 800 sqm
Container washing area 2
Yard Equipment
Reach stackers for full containers 7
Reach Stackers for empty containers 4
Forklifts (from 1,8 tons to 32 tons) 26
Tugmaster 2
Yard comands 8
Gates and Accesses
Access for trucks on main area 5 lanes
Access for trucks on empty container zone 4 lanes
Railroad connection – trai1,67mts 4.000mts. railroad
2.000 mts. railroad for operations
2.000 mts. for maneuvers
Weighbridges 3
Scanner 1
Bonded warehouse 7.750 sqm
Non bonded warehouse 1.750 dqm
Refrigerated tax warehouse 500 positions
Shed for container to truck operations 1.000 sqm
Shed for vehicle verification 1.000 sqm
Bonded yard for stuffing and unstuffing containers 20.700 sqm
Non bonded yard for impo container unstuffing 5.500 sqm
CCTV to control operations and warehouses 44 cameras
Bonded yard for container storage 11.200 sqm
Systems and Technologies
Navis N4 operating system, with real time tracking
Remote Access to follow-up operations

Bonded Warehouse services:

TERMINAL ZÁRATE has an area of bonded yards and warehouses where these operations can take place:

  • Container stuffing for export with bags, pallets, boxes, packages, reels, tubes.
  • Container stuffing with bulk cargo using conveyor belts.
  • Container unstuffing for import with bags, pallets, boxes, packages, reels, tubes, etc.
  • Receipt and delivery of cargo.
  • Storage on bonded or non bonded warehouse.
  • Diverse operations in warehouse according to customer’s request: pallets, packing, picking, labelling, drum washing, wrapping, etc.
  • Waiting are for loades trucks.
  • Automatic daily reports of operations, stocks and truck arrival.
  • Logistics operations in other plants.
Operation Coordination: Stuffing, unstuffing, receipt and delivery of cargo in our warehouses must be arranged at least 24hs in advance. Send an email to and fax the Empty delivery order and Temperature instruction to this number: (54 3487) 42-9000 [Int. 9101].

Logistic and Intermodal Terminal (LIT)

Terminal Zárate has a Logistic and Intermodal Terminal with a railroad connection (trail 1,67mts) built in association with the NCA railroad company. This intermodal terminal is also used as an empty container warehouse and the following services can be provided:

  • Container transfer from wagon to truck. It includes the loading and unloading of full or empty containers from the train. The transfer service includes transfer of container to the bonded area of the port for export and removal of container from the bonded area for import.
  • Storage of full containers.
  • Storage of empty containers.
  • Sellection and classification of empty containers.
  • Washing of empty containers.
  • Repair of empty containers.
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GRIMALDI Grimaldi Agencies Argentina S.A. Direct service to northern Europe.
Connections to the West Coast of Africa.
Fernando Gonzales
Phone. 5353-0940 / 4515-0030
HAMBURG SUD Hamburg Sud Argentina Direct Service to Brazil.
Connections to all destinations: Northern Europe, Mediterranean, East Coast USA, Caribbean, Gulf, Middle East and Far East.
Martin Jensen
Phone. +54 11 5789-9924
Vanesa Novara
Phone. +54 11 5789-9900 Int. 394
HAPAG LLOYD Hapag Lloyd Argentina Direct Service to Brazil.
Connections to all destinations: Northern Europe, Mediterranean, East Coast USA, Caribbean, Gulf, Middle East and Far East.
Guillermo Svachka
Phone. +54 11 5355-5748
MAERSK Maersk Argentina Connections to all destinations: Northern Europe, Mediterranean, East Coast USA, Caribbean, Gulf, Middle East and Far East. Maria Laura Chaudron
Tel. +54 11 5382 5878
MSC MSC Argentina Connections to all destinations: Northern Europe, Mediterranean, East Coast USA, Caribbean, Gulf, Middle East and Far East. Romina Moreno
Phone: +54 11 5300-7320
Jorge Fredriks (Reefer)
Phone: +54 11 5300-7300
SAF MARINE Saf Marine Argentina Connections to all destinations: Northern Europe, Mediterranean, Middle East and Far East. Ivan Rothkopf
Phone. +54 11 5382-5936
SEALAND Sealand Argentina USA, Caribbean y Gulf. Kevin Hellmann
Phone. +54 11 5382-5903

Commercial Contact

For any question regarding tariffs, terminal services, general or comercial information you can contact us by phone: (03487) 42-9000 Int: 9083 or 9415 or by e- mail:

Where to pay

Terminal Zárate’s charges can be payed at: Billing (cash or wire) Félix Pagola St. 2671 | B2800DDX, Zárate, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Contact: Phone: (03487) 42-9000 [Int. 9082 - 9121 - 9180]

For any question, doubt or information regarding customers with CREDIT ACCOUNTS you can contact our Credit and Collections Department: | Phone: (03487) 42-9000 and (011) 4809-9000.


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Terminal Zárate specializes in the operation of Project cargo.

We have a highly qualified and trained team t work with large and heavy bulks. Our last generation infrastructure allows us to work efficiently in specific vessels carrying this cargo.

Project cargo is stored in a 30.000m2 bonded yard next to the dock, while waiting for customs clearance and later transfer to non bonded yard. We have access through national and provincial routes free of traffic congestion which contribute to transport heavy and voluminous cargo safely.

Our location at km111 of the Parana de las Palmas river lets us operate on barges that use the Paraguay-Paraná waterway to connect Terminal Zárate with ports in Paraguay, east Bolivia and southwestern Brazil.

Pier 480 mts.
Maximum pier resistance 4,5 tons./sqm
Liebherr 550 post panama mobile crane 1
Liebherr 500 post panama mobile crane 1
Maximum lift capacity per crane 95 tons.
Tandem lift capacity (check if it is doable) 160 tons.
Yard and Warehouse
Yard for Project cargo 30.000 sqm
Reachstackers for full containers (máximum lift 40 tons.) 7
Autoelevadores (desde 1,8 tons hasta 16 tons) 26
Tugmaster 2
Waiting area for loaded trucks 40.000 sqm
Non-bonded yard for storage 20.000 sqm
Bonded Warehouse 7.750 sqm
Non-bonded warehouse 1.750 sqm

Project Cargo Services:

  • Loading and downloading of Project cargo to vessel:
    • With vessel crane (according to lift capacity of vessel crane).
    • With pier crane, lift capacity up to 95 tons.
    • Combined operation, using two pier cranes, lift capacity up to 160 tons. (check if it is possible).
  • Delivery and reception of project cargo from hook.
  • Delivery and reception of project cargo from yard.
  • Storage on bonded yard.
  • Storage on non bonded yard.
  • Transfer of project cargo between vessel and barge.

General Cargo Services:

We operate a variety of cargo such as pallets of fruits, boxes of meat and chicken, tubes, wire, steel profiles and , forest products, bags, big bags, etc. Our services go from cargo coordination to stevedoring on board. These operations are complemented by documents and relevant information to loaders as well as to vessel operators. A list of detailed services:

  • Load and unloading of vessels.
  • Reception and delivery from yard.
  • Storage on bonded yard.
  • Storage on bonded warehouse.
  • Storage on non bonded yard.
  • Transfer of general cargo between vessel and barge.
  • Transfer of general cargo on railway connection (wagon to truck and truck to wagon).

Gas and Oil

• Cerro Dragón
Year 2013-4 / Destination: Chubut / Line: BBC / Rickmers / Forwarder-client: Pan American Energy

• Gran Chaco
Año 2013 / Destino: Bolivia / Línea: BBC / Intermarine / Forwarder-cliente: Tecnicas Reunidas - YPF Bolivia / Altius Argentina

• Vaca Muerta
YEar 2013-4 / Destination: Neuquén / Line: BBC/Rickmers/Thorco / Forwarder-client: Pan American Energy



• Wind Mill Veladero
Year 2006 / Destination: San Juan / Line: Grimaldi /Forwarder-client: Barrick / Transport: Vernazza.

• Termoeléctrica Manuel Belgrano
Year 2007 / Destination: Campana, Pcia. De Buenos Aires / Line: Intermarine - BBC – Scanscot / Forwarder-client: Siemens / Transport: Vernazza-Roman.

• Termoeléctrica José de San Martín.
Year 2007 / Destination: Timbúes, Pcia. De Santa Fe / Line: Intermarine - BBC – Scanscot / Forwarder-client: Siemens / Transport: Vernazza-Roman.

• Torres Parque Eólico IMPSA.
Year 2010 / Destination: Mendoza / Line: BBC / Forwarder-client: Mercomar.

• Rotor Atucha / Nucleoeléctrica Argentina S.A.
Year 2010 / Destination: Lima, Pcia. De Buenos Aires / Line: Intermarine / Forwarder: Shipway / Transport: Coamtra.

• Transformador.
Year 2010 / Destination: Pcia. De Cordoba / Line: BBC/ Forwarder / Client: Shipway / Transport: Vernazza.


Industrial Plants

• Biodiesel Plant.
Year: 2006 / Forwarder: Steinweg.

• Industria Automotriz Vutec.
Year 2006 / Destination: Zarate, Pcia. De Bs. As./ Forwarder-Client: Multilogística / Transport: Roman.

• Planta Potabilizadora AYSA.
Yaer 2010 / Destination: Escobar, Pcia. De Bs. As. / Client-Forwarder: Geodis Wilson / Transport: Roman.



• PProject Casposo.
Year 2009 / Destination: San Juan / Line: BBC / Forwarder-Client: Troy Resources - Intrepid Minerals.


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BBC BBC Argentina Consult shipping line. Abu Toledo (Argentina)
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Lars Schoennemann (Asia)
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